Thomas W. Horn, Esq., Principal

Clients and their adversaries learn that Thomas Horn brings his unique and sharp perspective to bear on a client’s problem. He draws on a lifetime spent in public service and in the private sector to put every legal challenge in its true light.

As a long-time elected school board member labor leaders thought Mr. Horn was “anti-union”; but just a few years later town officials would claim he had “socialist leanings” when he negotiated fora union. Both sides failed to recognize that passionate advocacy does not necessarily mean zealous devotion to a political cause.

Many successful cases made headlines in local papers when this law office took on local schools and government with public hearings for public employees or when it exposed fabricated legal documents by the office of a town attorney. Nevertheless, most often, the important work is ongoing behind the scenes, discreetly solving the problems of private citizens and property owners.

When it comes to rights of property owners, the legal team headed by Thomas Horn has developed proprietary legal strategies, which is making local government change the way they do business. Local ordinances are being rewritten by politicians and bureaucrats to more closely reflect the legal arguments made by this office. Mr. Horn has eschewed the provincial legal model of making a client’s interest secondary to “getting along” with local government departments and agencies.

Some business owners, homeowners and property owners, in frustration, call the East End the Land of No. Understandably, they are tired of pleading with local boards and agencies, sometimes for years, for the freedom to follow their dreams of building a home or business. Thomas Horn is educating many people, including judges in local justice court that you, and you as a property owner, still have rights, that local government often overreaches, and government must stop abusing the public they are supposed to be serving.

Real life experiences have made Mr. Horn one of the very few attorneys on Long Island conversant in Education law who is willing to work for parents and children in a dispute with the school system. His insider knowledge of a system that creates policies that often only benefit children by accident or incidentally lets parents see the services provided to the children in a new way.

His work in Employment Law runs the gamut from unemployment hearings, to retaliation in worker compensation claims to counseling of executives and defending public employees who have chosen Mr. Horn rather than the “free representation” provided by their union.

Before becoming an attorney, Thomas Horn worked as a Fire Marshal, a Safety Officer, an award-wining writer for a local newspaper and a Master Electrician. His family has called the Village of Sag Harbor home for five generations.