Municipal Law Attorney Serving Suffolk County, Long Island


The Law Office of Thomas Horn provides smart and effective counsel to public and private sector clients on a wide range of municipal issues. 

Article 78 Proceedings

An Article 78 proceeding is a form of judicial intervention used to challenge administrative actions and/or determinations taken or made by municipal agencies, boards and offices of state and local governments.  The Law office of Thomas Horn has successfully represented both individuals and businesses aggrieved by the decision of a local board or agency. Conversely, Mr. Horn also has extensive experience representing the municipal agency, board or entity in the defense of their administrative determination. This dual perspective allows Thomas to effectively and efficiently represent either party in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Zoning/ Land Use

Zoning involves the regulation of the use and development of real property. It is one form of land use regulation. The Law Office of Thomas Horn regularly counsels public and private entities and individuals in matters related to the use and development of real property. Whether assisting a municipality in the defense of a land use decision or advocating on behalf of a private client to ensure a project's approval Mr. Horn has the experience necessary to effectively represent your interest.

Rezoning/Code Enforcement

A municipality has the power to amend its zoning ordinance in any manner which promotes the general welfare of the community. Generally, the decision to rezone is within the discretion of the local legislative body whose judgment cannot be usurped except based upon a finding of arbitrariness. Thomas Horn, of the Law Offices of Thomas Horn has represented a wide range of property owners, businesses and municipalities seeking or reviewing a proposed amendment to a zoning ordinance. With his experience comes the knowledge to provide innovative and effective resolutions to protect his client's interests.