Lawrence Kelly, Esq., Of Counsel

Since becoming “of counsel” with the Law Office of Thomas W. Horn the storied career of Mr. Kelly has added an impressive chapter, applying Civil Rights mores to Mr. Horn’s unique knowledge of local and state codes. He has handled scores of cases in Federal court with personal victories in the highest court in New York State and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

With experience in traditional media, Mr. Kelly has taken his on-air persona and agile legal mind to the boardrooms of local government to warn of pitfalls that lay ahead in flawed ordinances adopted in law or presently under consideration. Kelly strives to be a voice of reason and an advocate for the rule of law, providing backbone and an alternative for politicians facing ad hoc committees and groups that claim to speak for unnamed other people. Horn and Kelly are becoming known for advocating in public for their clients. Each attorney recognizes that preserving the local character of Long Island is vital, and can only be accomplished by confronting special interest groups, which have demonized local business owners and homeowners, pointing out the agenda, which often motivates the gamesmanship.

Career highlights include working as a Senior Rule of Law Advisor for the U.S. Department of State with a Provincial Reconstruction Team in southern Iraq.  Mr. Kelly often talks about his work with the dedicated men and women of the military who worked tirelessly to protect him and serve the people of this country while rebuilding Iraq.

As partner in, and a trial attorney for a medium size Long Island firm Mr. Kelly conducted a number of federal and state trials, which resulted in million dollar recoveries for his clients. 

Following 9/11, he took a leadership role in a national pro bonoeffort for victims, Trial Lawyers Care.  He handled the lead high income Cantor Fitzgerald hearing with Special Master Kenneth Feinberg, and was profiled in National Law Journal article, Intensive Care  led to lectures on the program in Boston, Manhattan and Long Island,  and the recovery by his pro bono group of over a billion dollars for 9/11 families.  Following his nephew being seriously wounded in Iraq,  Mr. Kelly developed with his nephew Staff/Sgt Ryan Kelly a program known as TSGLI,a lump sum disability insurance benefit program for seriously wounded service members.  TSGLI has now paid out over $300 million to seriously wounded service members.

As legal consultant, Mr. Kelly in addition to radio and written commentary provides mentoring to candidates in Suffolk County, New York interested in using zero-based budgeting and value dollar strategies to make Long Island taxes affordable to the middle class and attractive to business investment.  He has taken some of the best of government practices,  such as the use of analytics to fashion allocation of public safety resources,  and introduced these concepts to problem solving discussions with government staff.  Using the same process, he targeted new models of delivering legal services useful to the practitioner, as well to a middle class that was priced out of the market under earlier business models.

Lawrence Kelly remains dedicated to the development of innovative programs for veterans, and frequently makes time in a busy schedule to fashion innovative solutions to their unique circumstances.